Thursday, April 8, 2010

I WISH........

Happy birthday Jaylyn!!!
Of course she wanted mom to make some of the new cupcakes! We decided on the pandas and she had a chinese type theme. So much fun.
jaylyn_wish jaylyn_candles

I still wonder what she was wishing for. It took some deep thought.
The chinese food was yummy. All the girls wanted to eat it with chopsticks.

chopsticks_jay chop_katie
chop_sara chop_annie

Jaylyn got a whole bunch of crafty stuff and even some awesome material to make things with. Looks like we have a sewer in the making!

Tuesday, April 6, 2010



Jaylyn had her 8th birthday and was sooo excited to be getting baptized.

baptism_water outofthewater

What a beautiful young lady! We are so proud!!

baptismgift2 baptismfriends
She got her first set of "real" scriptures with her name printed in gold.

dad_baptism momdaughter_baptism
Jaylyn made her baptism dress with a little help from mommy. Grandma Jackson helped do the sleeves and final alterations, thank goodness. And nana gave much needed advice and helped her pick fabric. Not bad, Jaylyn really did cut, pin, and sew alot of it!
What an awesome day!! Our first baptism. Wow, time certainly does fly by.

Monday, April 5, 2010


I made some cute cupcakes for Easter this year. My mom got me a cool cupcake book for my birthday so I thought I better put it to good use. Not bad for little bunnies diving into their holes.
I also made homemade peeps. You can get the recipe from Such an amazing blog!!
I wasn't sure what to do with all the extra peep stuff in between the cookie cutters so.... I made homemade marshmellows!! Hahaha, they actually were really yummy!!


Ballerina in the making


It's about time I took some pictures of Jaylyn at dance this year. So this is a
tribute to all the hard work she is doing for their upcoming performance at
the end of April.

They have a wonderful class. The girls will do a great job when they have their
performance. They are so cute together and Pam does an awesome job teaching them.
jaylyndance2 jaylyndance4

Jaylyn hopes to be invited in to the Ballet class in the fall. The youngest they have
taken is 9 years old and since Jaylyn just turned 8 ,I am not sure if she is
qualified enough. Knowing her, she will practice all summer to prove she is "worthy"
of the cut. She is one determined gal.

Ahhh...The smell of a the yard

What a great day! The sun was shining, it felt like spring, we were working in the
yard and life, was grand. So why not start a little fire and roast some dogs and
brats??? Works for me. It worked for the rest of the family too. Even nana
stopped by.
daddyhotdog jaylynhotdog

Remarkably Gus didn't fall into the fire but he did enjoy dinner and
soda pop with the rest of us. Only Jayna didn't care for his choice of drink......


We definitly look forward to summer campfires and fishing. Until then....hello backyard roasting!

Our Silly Gus

This is our silly little hound dog! I swear every time I turn around he is asleep in the weirdest spots!
It is so funny cause he is usually half on and half off!!! What a silly little dog.

Copy of gusatomanCopy of guscouch