Saturday, February 27, 2010



We finally did it!! Bonnie and I created our Lotion Bar this week!!

We absolutely love it! and it seems so does everyone else, we already
have sold over 20!! They are so neat and they smell soooo yummy.


Karli loves her little sample piece. She knows that she needs it on her lip. I haven't used her sterroid cream on her in over a week. So far it has been keeping her eczema at bay! I had high hopes especially since I know it is
all natural! and packed with things like beeswax and shea butter.


It works great for those really dry spots (like your feet)
especially if you put it on before bed.


We decieded on four different "flavors" Lemongrass, Lavender,
Original (smells like honey), and orange. These guys rock! You can
even use them on your lips. Just wait though, soon enough we'll have lip butter :)
And we are working on a little something to go with our laundry soap..
you'll see, it'll be awesome

Show and Tell

Jayna had show and tell this week so she asked if I would bring Gus.
It wasn't easy that's for sure. I had Karli on my hip, a camera around my
neck (of course), Katie walking next to me, and Gus.. claws to the floor
pulling back with all his might. He really is brave, but it was too unfamiliar
and his mind was made up...He wasn't going down the hall. Finally after much
coaxing as well as the realization that yes, Karli CAN walk, he partially crawled
and I half carried him to the classroom. Jayna was thrilled and so was the class.


Jayna showed the class some of his tricks and explained about his blindness and Gus lovingly smothered them in kisses. All in all it went well. was time to leave.
Thank heavens we ran into our friend Chris who gladly carried the frazzled hound

out to our car for us.

Next time I think it's daddy's turn.

Tuesday, February 23, 2010

Spring is in the air!?!?!

What a beautiful day!!! The girls and I have been busy the past two days yep, you guessed it, OUTSIDE!! We Jacksons love laboring out in the yard. We are just crazy like that. We worked hard to clean out the chicken pen. I know it sounds crazy but, it was so cool that Jaylyn and I were able to get three HUGE wheelbarrels full of chicken gunk for compost in the garden. Way to go chicks!!

One of the chickens tried to get Karlis binki. Hahaha, she totally started crying, poor thing so sensitive.

We also learned that maybe it wasn't the best idea to have Jayna gather eggs.... she did a great job, just maybe a little too bouncy???

Hmmmm... Jayna bouncy???


I was able to get most of the fruit trees trimmed. I let the girls help a little.

jaylynstick IMG_0262

Even Gus got involved. Not bad for a blind pup:)


Karli held the ladder for me.

karliladder karliladder2

Enough's enough!

It seemed like all my kids wanted to do today was bonk their heads! It all sarted with little Karli. She tripped in mommy's room and went face first into the foot of the dresser. Loud "thunk" followed by screaming. Thankfully... no blood... Just yucky bruising. (Did I mention she fell down a friends stairs a few days ago and hit tile at the bottom?? Or that saturday she rammed her eye into a chair railing??) Yeah.... Are we growing????

Then there was Katie......Who decided that the pajami drawer would make a great step stool in order to watch sisters lizard eat yummy crickets. Forgot to close her drawer, knealt down to grab shiny piece of money, rammed eye into the corner of drawer...not so fun. Loud "thunk" followed by screaming...yes, blood, but only a little. Whew.IMG_0227

Soooo, mommy and Katie decided to make some booboo rice bags. Mommy had made some herbal rice packs so there was extra fabric laying around as well as rice. We got right to work and finished in record time.IMG_0237
That is, an hour before Jaylyn decided to smack the back of her head into the entertainment center. Good thing there was a booboo bag in the freezer!! Katie waisted no time grabbing it for her big sissy. Thankfully, no blood :) out girl, you could be next.......