Friday, May 28, 2010


Well, we knew Karli was having some reactions to peanuts. We were just keeping an eye on it until one day......A friend was babysitting and we somehow didn't give the reminder and her daughter tried to feed karli peanut butter for lunch. Needless to say I ended up with a call from a worried teen, and consequently ended up at the Dr's office making sure the swelling in Karli's face and hands was going down with a hefty dose of benadryl. We left the office with an appointment with the specialist.

Karli was a rock star at the testing. She didn't even start fussing until the last couple pricks. Poor thing had to get pricked 16 times!!


I think it is obvious which one was the peanut tester. She also tested bad for kitties. :( As long as she doesn't sleep with our Malcolm kitty she should be fine.


So....we now have to have an epi-pen for little Karli boo and we have to be rediculously careful. Daddy can't even eat peanuts at work. Even if he washes his hands and face he would have to change his clothes as well. Crazy! Did you know spaghetti sauce companies use a peanut powder as a thickener in their products? Back to homemade sauce. Oh, well, it's yummier.


  1. Awww... poor sweetie! Give her a hug from me.
    At least now you know for sure & can take the proper precautions to keep her healthy!

    We had Spencer in the ER this week, but we have finally found out what has been causing all his pain! He has a really large duodenal ulcer! He had to have an upper GI Endoscopy!!! But, now we can treat it & get him better too! :)

  2. Sucks, Charise. Allergies like that are not fun to deal with. Glad you've got a cool head on your shoulders, she's got an awesome mom.