Thursday, July 1, 2010

We're TRUE farmers now!?!

First I should say that we tried to hatch some eggs on our own. That didn't work so all. Sooo disappointing. Almost as if to mock us and teach us a lesson on how nature knows best, the next week one of our hens (sparklefly) decided to sit on her nest. She sat...and sat....for 3 weeks she was so patient. Finally the day arrived and like magic, we had new babies!


We got to see one moving around inside "her"egg (hopefully a hen) . It was really neat.

We ended up with five beautiful chicks! Mom is so wonderful at showing them how to do everything. We'll put more pictures of them growing bigger later.


And we don't want to leave out proud dad "Jack" I am sure he was a huge contributor to the whole ordeal.
The girls and I think we are "true" farmers now. A friend of mine said we couldn't be true farmers until we had pigs.......................I guess for now we'll have to be fake farmers.

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