Friday, July 2, 2010

The Amousment Park that is our Yard


So here it is. Our rediculously huge play area. Let's see....we have log swings, balance beam, tire tower, tire sandbox, tires to climb, seesaw, jungle bars, trampoline, a culvert, second story playhouse, a flip bar........whew, if I hear "I'm bored" this summer I might scream! I'll remind them how long it took mommy to shovel the gravel.


I told Brent he was crazy to dig the trampoline down. I think I might have even said I wouldn't help. I might have done one or to shovels full. Hey, I got him water a few times, that should count for something right? Luckily, he didn't hit a single rock!! Haha, good thing too or this project might have never gotten finished.


Grandpa helped finish off the playhouse. Good job boys!


Did I mention that Brent decided we needed an above ground pool the other day? Seriously, the sod is already removed for an 18 foot round pool 16x21 patio and two walkways. I think I'm busy for the next two weeks......

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